Thank you to all the amazing actors who came out to audition for the show! Auditions are now closed. Check back soon to meet the cast!


FAL Auditions 2

Calling All Actors!

The upcoming production of For a Life seeks 2 male and 2 female actors.

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UPDATE!!  Callbacks will be held on March 3rd at the Shetler Studios. We are still auditioning for the roles of Adam and Billy, being held on March 3rd as well.

Janet Shelly

(F 25-40)

Young, kind, and successful Publishing Agent. Commissions the creation of a homunculus in order to live the life she feels she never had. Hides her illness from everyone, determined to live like there is nothing wrong. Struggles with her decisions as time progresses.


(M 25-40)

An artificially created human; a homunculus manufactured in a lab to Janet's specifications. Struggles at first with acclimating into human society. Is devoted to Janet to a blinding fault, only wanting to make her happy. As he becomes more human, starts to question his existence and Janet's motives behind his creation.

Billy Strant

(M 30-45)

Janet's friend and co-worker, a lawyer at the publishing house. Against the Homunculi Project on principle, and angry with Janet for creating her own "doll". A recovering alcoholic who is not sober. Has feelings for Janet and would do anything for her, if she were to only ask.

The Doctor

(F 30-40+)

A vain and arrogant scientist at Magnus Opum Laboratories and Janet's "sales rep". Views homunculi as a means-to-an-end, putting little stock in their existence beyond their designated function. Has ordered three homunculi herself, including a child.

We are also seeking a Stage Manager and Tech Director

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