Director's Challenge

What would you do... For a life?

The Ten-Minute-Play that started it all is part of this years Director's Challenge at the Arts at the Chocolate Factory. Come see four short plays and vote for your favorite to be crowned the winner!


For a Life

In a world where life is the greatest commodity, what can be fabricated and what holds true to being human? When the Homunculus, Adam - an artificial human - begins to question his creation, and what is real versus unreal when it comes to being human, Janet - his Proprietor - struggles to answer his questions while hiding the true motive behind his creation: her mortality.

Arts at the Chocolate Factory

54 Elizabeth Street, Suite 2

Red Hook, NY 12571




August 11th @ 8 pm

August 12th @ 8 pm

August 13th @ 3 pm



Taylo Seupel

Taylor Seupel

Maya Fuentes

Maya Fuentes

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