For a Life

What would you do, for a life?

Accepted into the 2018 Strawberry Theatre Festival!

Since our last production of For a Life at the 2016 Thespis Theater Festival, we've made a lot of changes (more Doctor!). We are so excited to bring this play back to the stage for a new take, in a new festival. Check in regularly for upcoming events and announcements!

Second to the Right Productions is proud to announce we've found our Cast and Crew!

The Raint Theatre Presents
The 2018 Strawberry Theatre Festival

In a world where life is the greatest commodity, what can be fabricated and what holds true to being human? When the homunculus Adam - an artificially created human - begins to question his creation, and what is real versus unreal when it comes to being human, Janet - his Proprietor - struggles to answer his questions while hiding the true motive behind his creation: her mortality. A humanistic look at life, love, and death, For a Life begs the question: what does it mean to be human?

Shetler Theatre
244 W. 54th Street
Between 7th & 8th Avenues

May 18th & 19th @ 6pm
May 25th @ 8:30pm
May 26th @ 5pm

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